Injustice in distribution of wealth

Vitaliy Guz.

We can see that in many countries rich people are continuously expanding their wealth. However, we do not observe the same happening with people of low income. It is extremely unfair that some people struggle to make ends meet, when some earn money that they can never spend in a lifetime. Thus, in my opinion, our government should increase taxes for rich people to raise living standards for the whole population of Ukraine. This can be achieved through increasing funding of public education on an innovative base as it leads to a bigger number of professionals ready to solve urgent problems in the period of turbulent changes and provide country’s development in up-today world. Also for more stable economic growth it is important to support a middle class on the governmental level and create additional workplaces for people who can’t find a well-paid job in our country and have to work in immigration. Finally, in the face of a new world crises living wages in our country should more correspond with the reality.




#Чернігівська область



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