How to achieve gender equality in Ukraine?

Kateryna Rymar.

Issues about gender imbalance are acute in Ukraine.  Violence against women has become an acute problem, which can be resolved at the state level only. Although international and national legislation is based on the principle of equality, in practice women are not equal in social life and activities. There is a deep contradiction between the new needs in society and the lack of conditions for their satisfaction. This situation appears to be a challenge to modern Ukrainian society and state of Ukraine, thus, immediate appropriate actions are required.

Measures to overcome gender inequality in Ukraine:

– it is essential to bring Ukrainian legislation into conformity with the constitutional principles of equality and European standards;

– develop appropriate and effective anti-discrimination norms and sanctions for violating gender legislation;

– introduce special measures to ensure gender parity in decision-making, in all public offices;

–  conduct special information cam-paigns;

– develop and institutionalize gender studies and gender education at all stages;

–  get more public control over the implementation of international commitments and principles of equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

In the 21st century issues of gender equity should be a priority at all levels.




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