Manicure is (not) for men

Kateryna Kobzar.

The vast majority of Ukrainian society think that manicure is not for men. I want to note that these judgments are subjective and come only from my observations and experience.

Men follow nail hygiene and visit manicure masters to care for the cuticle and shape their nails. Ukrainian society has already come to terms with this and does not consider it as something extravagant.
But are we ready for bright men’s manicures and for such a trend to become commonplace?

A lot of negativity falls on men who have a bright and colorfull manicure. Why then is there no condemnation when a woman goes to a nail salon?

In the Victorian era, not only women but also men had to take care of their appearance and nails. Therefore, it would seem that there is nothing new in men’s manicure.
Representatives of some subcultures (both women and men) could often be seen with painted nails in dark colors.
Rock stars also often use dark shades of nail polish to accentuate their image.
In everyday life it is difficult to meet a man with a manicure.

But the latest trends in the world of fashion indicate that men’s manicure is becoming increasingly popular. More and more actors, singers, rappers, showmen, bloggers can be seen with bright and unusual nail art. Like women, they choose a manicure according to the clothes, mood or event that they intend to attend.

This tendency encourages men to express their desires and emotions.
On the one hand, this fashion trend can be profitably commercialized, which is already done by brands such as Essi, OPI and others.

But on the other hand, it is another method of self-expression. This is another method of combating stereotypes and prejudices. This fashion trend encourages men to go beyond the “masculine” and sincerely show their emotions and personality.

While in the United States, Europe and Asia, this trend is actively spreading and has become commonplace, in Ukraine few young men do not even dare to have a nude manicure, not to mention bright colors and complex nail art.
In the big cities of Ukraine you can meet men with manicures belonging to creative professions, but there will not be many of them either.

In other Ukrainian cities, there are very few men who decide on a colored manicure. Unfortunately, you can face not only the negative reaction of others, but also be subjected to physical violence.

One can only hope that the new trend will take root in Ukraine and encourage men to express their emotions and personalities.




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