Silence = agreement?

Hanna Dyvnych.

A lecture is almost finished. A teacher have said everything he wanted. Students are already thinking of the canteen. Suddenly, the words echo in silence: Is everything clear? – The lecturer is waiting. He is looking over the rows, noting any sign of movement, waiting for a feedback. The students keep silence. So what, everything is really clear, or they simply don’t care?

There is a saying “Silence is a sign of agreement”. Most probably, the lecturer will stick to it. He will thank the audience for attention and set them free. The students will leave the room to come back the next week. Probably, with no questions again.

On the other hand, at a staff meeting, a Head of the department will definitely hear if there is a lack of hours for a subject, if dean’s office forgot to inform teachers of the change in the curriculum, if teachers disagree on the current trends in educational policy of the university or the Ministry. Any tiny bit of disapproval will be articulated and discussed in a vicious circle of critics. The all-agreeing minority will be for sure silent.

So why are we so loud against something or somebody, and give no sign if we agree? Why do we let negative messages to be so loud and overwhelming? How do people know if we actually agree with what they say or do, or if we are quiet because we don’t know what to think or don’t care?

For me, these are the open questions.

Meanwhile, I see good intelligent people being accused of every tint of misdoing. I see great events and projects being suspected of hidden motives. I see angry meetings at the administration buildings against reforms or events, that are not always that bad. And what hurts, is that I can see it without wanting or looking for it, simply because such messages are always of the noisy majority.

Is there a chance, that one day, the ones who approve, will sound loud?






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