Advocacy: it is always about the dialogue

Kateryna Hnedina.

Two days of Advocacy training program, which was implemented in the framework of the project “Together we can”, were the days of useful information, new friends and positive vibes. Due to the high professionalism of the speakers, moderators and coordinators all participants formed and developed practical skills in organizing the advocacy campaign.  I was impressed with the methods of command work and teambuilding, which were used by the experts during the training program. Applying GAMMMA+ Model, participants prepared the outline and defined the main components of their campaign on the topic they were interested in.

I was the member of the team, which was focused on ecological advocacy campaign “Eco-heroes”.  Why did we choose this topic? We really want to influence on ecological problem by forming the eco-friendly culture and we want to change the current ecological situation. The goal of this campaign is to form the eco-centered minding among young people, to motivate them to transform their everyday habits and to be ecologically responsible. That is why the main messages of this campaign are: “Don’t be ego – be eco!” and “Let’s be in the heart of sustainable development!”.  Eco-blogging and collaborations with other eco-bloggers play an important role in this campaign and allow to involve a large number of young leaders to eco-events. Our team presented the ideas of this campaign during the training program and we were heard by all participants inside and outside the team.

I have concluded that dialogue, honesty, integrity, activity, involvement are the key success factor in advocacy. I am grateful for inspiration and those fruitful days of Advocacy training!




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