Discrimination concerns everyone

Anna Verbytska.

«Nothing depends on us», «we are small people, we do not make any decision», «that is my problem and no one will help me», «injustice was, is and always will be» – the phrases are often used by our relatives, parents, colleagues, neighbors or friends when we talk about social issues, society and politicians and so on, aren’t they?

It is not possible to just close your eyes and run away from the problems. Discrimination concerns everyone. Let`s make a tour through popular social stereotypes related to the discrimination topic.

Stereotype 1: “Talks on discrimination do not make any sense as in 21 century people have equal rights”. Differences do not make the opposition to equality. We should take a chance to find what unites us instead of what differentiates us. Every person is unique in his or her own way and we should value differences as a possibility for sharing, exchanging and co-creation.

Stereotype 2: Discrimination is not about me and I don`t care”. You are lucky if today you do not suffer being discriminated, but who knows about tomorrow…

Stereotype 3: “Injustice is everywhere and we do not have power to solve this problem”. We can believe that there are so many problems and it is so complicated to overcome them. But small steps help to reach a big goal. We should make actions we can right now and right here. If you hear, for example, a story about “rainbow couples” and your friend is laughing – explain in response how to speak correctly, clarify, there is nothing funny about this. Show that you are not joining in this laugh. And this will already change something in the society for the better.

Stereotype 4: “If you feel discriminated in your country just migrate to the other one, where there is no discrimination”. First of all, you should remember that the social status of a migrant could be a background for discrimination. Comfortable wellbeing depends on a person, not on the country. Discrimination depends on people, not on the location.

Overcoming the discrimination problem starts with the tackling of the stereotypes and understanding the existence of the problem for everyone. Please, share in your comments other stereotypes on discrimination you know or any ideas on the topic.




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