Situation with starting studying process in Ukraine during the quarantine period

Yaroslav Kyriienko.

Today I would like to talk about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and in particular about my own attitude to the situation with starting studying process at the Ukrainian educational establishments during the quarantine period from September and in some institutions even from August.  The fact is that currently we have rather sad statistics of patients who have positive results of PCR tests.  The number of such patients is not stable and yet there is no steady declining trend.  But for some reasons it is planned in the nearest period to start full-time education for  which will lead to more close relationships between the participants of the educational process.  Simultaneously with the beginning of studying process passenger traffic in the metro and other types of transport will increase as well as the number of students living in dormitories where it is rather difficult to fully apply quarantine rules.

Thus, in my opinion, there is a vital need to establish on the governmental level stricter rules for compliance with quarantine norms and control all educational institutions, especially those where children study. As an option it is possible to change the study schedule, make a distribution of students over time to reduce the number of connections, etc.  No less important is temperature screening with respect to social distance.  In the conclusion I would like to give personal advice to learners to be more careful and wear all appropriate means of protection as this is the easiest way to make learning safer.




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