Equal rights for everyone

Anastasiya Kalinska.

In today’s multi-media age people fell that we live in a progress time. And it’s true. The technological and economic development is really high. We have more opportunities than even a few years ago. But in fact there are still a lot of problems which we have to solve. Each day we face with different forms of discrimination even not understanding this sometimes. In fact, people have a lot of limitations and stereotypes in their minds. Furthermore, the majority of people have the strong fear not to be acceptable by other’s opinions. So as the result, we used to differentiate people because of how they look like, what kings of beliefs and opinions do they have, what are their manners and so on and so forth.

Thinking more deeply on that problem we should ask ourselves whether there are any reasons to put ourselves above others. What exactly we have that gives us these rights to do that? In fact, all people have the same rights to live happy life and not be afraid to express their opinion. And of course we should remember that how we behave with others the same way the others will behave with us.




#Чернігівська область



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