Intercultural experience: you should try it

Dmytro Shevchenko

I was always interested to get the experience of studying abroad. And when I found out that my university provides an opportunity to spend a semester at one of the European universities, I decided to try my hand and submitted all the necessary documents to participate in the Erasmus + program.

It’s hard enough for me to find the right words, to formulate constructive thoughts to describe all the delight and awe that I experienced from the very moment I arrived in Slovenia. I don’t think that I could ever have had such an opportunity if I had not tried my luck and applied for participation in the Erasmus + program. 

Participation in the exchange program is a diverse and endlessly enriching experience. Acquaintance with a qualitatively different educational system, new interesting disciplines, a multi-ethnic educational environment, teaching in a foreign language. The connections established during the exchange really remain for life: it is not only about friends, but also about teachers who are ready, for example, in the future to support the student with a letter of recommendation. In the courses that I chose to study, we did a lot of extraordinary and interesting tasks that help to better understand the subject and understand the essence of certain phenomena. All this helped to make student life more eventful, to gain new experience and get acquainted with students from different countries. Maribor, as a city, also showed its best. The people I met here have always willingly answered my questions and helped to understand the details of life in Slovenia.

The Erasmus Student Organization (ESN) also helped a lot. Each week they organized interesting contests in which students took part remotely, and also always provided us with all the latest news. Of course, it’s a shame that I haven’t been able to travel as I expected (traveling on Google maps does not count)), but this gave a lot of free time, which can be used very well for self-development. Take online courses, read interesting books, or review all seasons of favorite series. Fortunately, in Slovenia under quarantine it was not forbidden to play sports regularly. Therefore, throughout the entire period I did daily runs to the park, which, by a happy coincidence, is 5 minutes from the place of residence.

After quarantine My friends and I regularly went hiking and travel through the whole country and enjoyed this beautiful place. Slovenia is incredibly beautiful and I am very happy that I managed to visit such a country!

I am grateful to the Erasmus + program for those unforgettable impressions and knowledge that I received at the University of Maribor and I recommend everyone to test their strengths in this program. Erasmus really inspires and stimulates the movement of ideas and experience. Perhaps for this reason it is difficult to find a person who would be dissatisfied with such an experience – in any case, I could not.




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