From Dream to Action

Tetyana Detsuk

I have always admired people who not only have their own opinion, but also show initiative and turn their own ideas into reality. The idea that I also have a certain life position, which I am ready to share with others, appeared about a year ago. And since I believe that all thoughts surely become a reality, very little time has passed and my dream has begun to come to life.

To be honest, I was afraid of trying my hand at blogging. I have the character of an excellent student: if I succeed in something, I try to do the job perfectly, but if something doesn’t work out, I immediately give it up. I have the experience of a professional facilitator and it’s no problem for me to work with a live audience of different ages, genders, cultures, but I have never dealt with shooting videos or expressing my thoughts online. There were fears whether there would be supporters or whether it would work out for me. I watched how people persistently criticized and hated other people’s thoughts or points of view, and frankly, it scared me.

But the project “Together We Can” helped me to understand the concept of blogging, the secrets of video blogging and online advocacy campaigns. And now I’m making the first attempts to write or shoot on topics that have bothered me for a long time.

I start the path from dream to action! Wish me luck! And I promise to share only interesting, useful and relevant information))))




#Чернігівська область









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