The Facts we Like

Hanna Dyvnych

Once my teacher told me – if you want to prove something, you can always find supporting facts.

Global warming is bad – proven.

The Earth is round – proven.

Nothing can travel faster than light – proven.

Among the three facts mentioned above I’m sure only of the second one, and the third one has already been named a myth by the scientific community, though once had been taught at schools.

The Net is full of articles, thesis, quotes of well-known scientists and other materials that you may use to make ground for almost any idea. How is it possible? – Very simply. Take the facts you like and ignore all the rest. – We do it all the time. Read the newspapers we like. Watch the YouTube channels we agree with. Listen to people whose ideas correspond to ours. If we don’t like a person, we are faster to believe some bad rumors and vice versa. We tend to put ourselves into a very comfortable box of ideas and messages that reflect our worldview, feelings and disagree or filter the information that somehow distorts this picture, often making wrong judgments and conclusions.

What should be done?

Probably nothing, that is how it is and the human nature.

Probably, this nature should be recognized as harmful and controlled.

Probably, if we broaden the flow of information we get, this problem could be reduced.

Probably, this is not a problem at all.

Which idea do you like? There are facts to prove any.




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