Freedom or restriction: the situation in society

Ihor Trehubenko

Society throughout the development of civilization has changed in different directions. And along with this various types of discrimination developed in social, political, and cultural spheres of activity. Group-Focused Enmity was all over the world, which limited or even deprives rights of others social groups. But times are changing. In my opinion, the times of subjugation and restriction of person are over! Because of what? Because of the struggle of people for their rights, freedoms and their views. Today in developed countries people do not need to hide their opinion, rights of men and women are equal, race and gender does not matter. The era of freedom has come and will continue to develop and distribute in other countries. I hope stereotypes and other problems of relations between different groups of people will soon disappear from society at all. I believe that the TWC’s work will not be wasted and will help to  make these changes.




#Чернігівська область









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