Renaissance of sustainable development of brands

Anna Verbytska.

The world is changing rapidly, new technologies appear, professions disappear. What is more important is transforming human behavior.

Sustainability has become a part of our lives, and many of us don’t even realize it. Next years, this word will be found more even often in the business and fashion magazines. The term “sustainability” is very ambiguous and includes almost all the processes taking place in society today – from the rejection of plastic to the ethical treatment of employees.

Experts said, that 2020 is a renaissance of sustainable development of brands, as eco-conscious consumers demand responsible behavior and innovations in order to reduce the consumption. In response, brands are forced to create products, services and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are green in order to stay afloat and increase their sales. For example, a pilot version of the world’s first online platform, Think Sustainably, was launched in Helsinki. The service provide residents and visitors of the city with the information about environmentally friendly brands, institutions and establishments, as well as help build routes around the city so that everyone can minimize CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Ukrainian example – some companies did not give their employees and customers traditional New Year gifts. It’s not about saving, but about realizing that you shouldn’t fill the world with new unnecessary items that will decompose for hundreds of years (based on the materials from Creascope).




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