Gender equality

Anastasiya Sydorenko.

It is not the first year that women have been fighting for gender equality, speaking at rallies, creating their own “movement”, but all for what? To be on equal terms with men.

My opinion is that gender equality will not be perfect. So why fight for it? Are women less respected than men? No. Are women forbidden to do something? No. On the contrary, if the gender level of men and women, then women will begin to be treated in the same way as men. “Carry the heavy packages yourself, you’re strong. Do you want to open the door? What for? You can do it yourself. ” I don’t even want to view it in terms of male violence against women. An individual that raises a hand against a woman cannot be called a man. Even though this is the reality of our world. Such a person does not care about rights, respect, and especially gender equality.

People who know what they want, their purpose in life, they treat society with dignity and respect. My opinion is that there is no place for gender equality to treat women as delicate and fragile creatures.




#Чернігівська область









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