How fast time flies…

Anastasiya Lozova.

Have you ever wondered how cool and at the same time awful that we live in our time?

The development and adaptation of the current generation are significantly different from older people.  Since childhood, we have access to all the information in the world, using which you can learn absolutely anything.  And the main task of any training is to learn how to find this information.

But at the same time, a modern child/teenager absolutely does not know what to do in life situations, when a means of communication in the form of a smartphone is taken away from him/her.

Another distinctive feature is the almost complete freedom of choice.  On the one hand, it is most pleasant when the level of condemnation for certain actions or principles tends to zero.  But on the other hand, impunity will soon become the credo of our society, if it is not already.

We are all very independent, self-fulfilling, ambitious, and separate.  But parents do not care about their children, children do not care about the well-being of their parents, immoral statements will surprise no one, as well as betrayal …

Do you remember that in childhood the coolest was the one who could use the IrDA to send a song to the call “yomayo, mommy call”? how we bought stickers for ourselves and resold them? how we climbed on garages and were not afraid of falling down? how we didn’t come back home all day long because we didn’t want our parents to make us stay at home? how we ate a crust of bread on the way home from the store? how we called friends on the landline phone and talked about nothing for hours? how we were waiting for the New Year with gifts and believed in a miracle …

And now what?  Children are practically deprived of such childhood, everyone grows up very quickly …




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