Transsexuality. From taboo to tolerance and respect

Kateryna Kobzar.

Many people in the United States and Europe argue that after the legalization of gender reassignment, more and more transgender people began to appear. It is not true. These people just came out of the shadows. They are now not afraid to show themselves and tell the world about themselves. Their sense of belonging to the opposite sex has become “legal”. But has it become perceived by other people as a commonplace fact, without stereotypes and prejudices? Unfortunately, not yet in Ukraine! This worries me a lot.

In my opinion, a person of any gender can be whoever he wants, to present himself in society as he wants.
For example, a trance woman can express herself in society in any way: she can be a trance and dress in men’s clothes, not wear makeup, but her sense of personal identity does not match her gender, received at birth. This is a matter of self-expression. There are also a lot of examples that a man transgender may dress like a woman but not feel like a woman from birth.

The term transsexuality should not be confused with homosexuality. Transsexuality is a self-centered state, while homosexuality is a state directed at other people. A trans woman may have romantic feelings for a woman, then she is considered homosexual. If a trans woman is interested in men, she is heterosexual.

Transsexuality is very often associated with prostitution. Many people also believe that transsexualism is associated with mental health problems. The process of employing transgender people is very complex and often ends in failure, especially when a person seeks a job for which he has a qualification. Discrimination and prejudice against transgender people can be found everywhere, even in literature, schools and on official television, not to mention social networks, where several retweets can lead to mass radical movements.
A person can be transphobic without even realizing it, discriminating against transgender people in everyday conversation, focusing on long-established prejudices in society.

The older generation tends to believe that a trans woman cannot be a real woman because she does not have a menstrual cycle and cannot get pregnant and have a child. But the experience of transgender women is completely different than that of cisgender women. Such judgments call into question cisgender women who cannot have children for various reasons. It turns out that when women who feel like women (cisgender) cannot have children, are they considered fake women?
It cannot be said that a certain person is male or female, focusing only on the genitals.

Finally, I want to contextualize the historical period in which we live. We are no longer the ones to say that heterosexuality is normal, and same-sex marriage or transsexuality is a minority that is not the norm. We need to reconsider the meaning of “normal”. Everyone should understand that “normal person” is not the average married Ukrainian with two children. A normal person is, first of all, one who is tolerant, without aggression and prejudice towards others, he is the person who chooses his own unique path in this life and confidently follows it.  




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