Together we can! Advocacy Training will soon start in Chernihiv

Lyudmyla Remnova

It’s a great pleasure to annonce upcoming  1,5-days long event Together we can! Advocacy Training  where we merge antidiscrimination approach on important social issues with blogging tips and tricks to create the opportunity for young people to have their voices heard. The training is specially designed to have exchanges on current challenges in the field of human rights in the respective regions. Together with our German and Polish partners we will discuss, how best to talk and blog about human rights related work in our communities to get as many people as possible involved. 

Short information about our international trainers:

Magdalena Świder – member and trainer in The Antidiscrimination Education Society, long and rich experience of working in Campaign Against Homophobia where she has been doing advocacy on national and international level.

Wiebke Eltze – studied political sciences; worked in networking and counselling in the field of Antidiscrimination; since some years as a freelancer: Speaker, Trainer and Coach for preventing right-wing extremism, group hatred, racism, antifeminism and homophobia.

The project “Together We Can” is implemented by Chernihiv Polytechnic National University together with the public organization “Way to the Future” with the support of the NGO “Human Rights Foundation”, Cultures Interactive e.V. (CI, Germany), The Anti-discrimination Education Society (TEA, Poland). The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.




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