Advocacy training in Chernigiv: more feedback

Polina Zhuk.

27.08.2020 I was lucky to become a member of an international project called «Together we can», which was held in the premises of the National University «Chernihiv Polytechnic». This project is carried out by Human Rights Foundation in Ukraine. The lecture was delivered by two talented trainers Weibke Eltze (Germany) and Magdalena Swider (Poland).

I found out that advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Trainers also told us how to reach out to your politician / decision-maker which is very important to people who want to change their lives and help others with their problems. I can’t help but mention the very interesting teamwork. At first, my team and I picked topic we are interesting in. In our case it was stereotypes used by parents to raise their children in Ukraine. We want to change the attitude of adults towards the methods of raising their children. In Ukraine, almost every child has heard phrases like «Boys mustn`t cry» or «The car is not a toy for girl», «You can`t have a long hair – it is for girls» ets. We think that this interferes with the child’s self-realization as a person and therefore one should not remain silent about it.

Tomorrow we will continue our work and I hope it`ll be really cognitive. Thanks to the project, I have the opportunity to improve my English skills, meet new people and get new information that I will use in the future.




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