Human rights of persons with disabilities

Anastasiya Vizyr.

The issue of opportunities for people with disabilities is always relevant and important, because the problems that exist in our society negatively affect their lives. Despite the fact that the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees the equality of all citizens we could often observe discrimination against people with disabilities.

In fact, there are many restrictions that affect their own rights in education, employment, politics, culture and even social benefits. For example, the employment of such people is guaranteed by a quota of the number of such employees in enterprises, but sometimes employers ignore the law paying fines instead. Unfortunately, a person with a disability would rather have a low-paying job than build a successful career. What about education and social life? Actually, tolerance is a rarity in our society, so it isn’t always possible to organize the learning process for such children in schools.

However, there are charitable organizations in Ukraine that help people with disabilities to get a job, receive financial and psychological support. Volunteers also help these people to defend their rights and take part in the political activities
showing to society that people with disabilities are the same as everyone.

In my opinion, people with disabilities deserve loyal attitude and they have right for worthy life. Every person wants to be happy, regardless of gender, age and other characteristics. We are all human beings and should treat each other with respect and tolerance.




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