Advocacy Training in Chernihiv: participant’s feedback

Angelina Volkovska.

In July 27-28 in Chernihiv Polytechnic National University took place  Together We Can! Advocacy Training,  which was attended by young, ambitious leaders of our city. Our trainers became the best international representatives – Wiebke Eltze and Magdalena Swider.

Initially, the project participants got to know each other through self-presentation, as well as an interactive game, in which we could to know each other better. When we worked as a team, we talked about stereotypes which associated with parenting. I am very glad that this topic interested our colleagues and trainers.
Also, we were able to discuss the topic of advocacy in more detail. We have identified its forms, types. We took part in discussions, as well as shared our own experience. You can find more information about our opinion in this topic by reading the that we presented in the poster, which you can see on the main photo.

This two day training was just wonderful. We received a lot of new knowledge, it was a new experience for us, we meet new people and worked with them as a team and learned how to solve some of the problems of our society. Thanks to the trainers and organizers of this training for new skills, which i can use for my blogs!




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