What do women owe?

Victoriya Melnyk.

Women are obliged to give birth to a child, to develop the child, to educate it, to take care of themselves, to clean the house, to cook, to wash, to exercise for a good figure etc.

My view is that all these responsibilities of women have been shaped by the development of society.

Yeah, once men went hunting because physically they could catch the beast, and the woman was the keeper of the hearth – raising the kids, cleaning, etc. She just had nothing else to do.

We now live in a different world where it is not necessary to hunt and to earn money it takes brains, labor, will, not the physical characteristics of a person. Therefore, for me, there are no domestic female or male duties.

I recognize the physical superiority of men. That is why it is easier for a man to do something heavy, like move a closet, but on the other hand, for a man to never have a baby himself, which is a woman’s advantage.

Everything else is not gender-specific. All that matters is whether or not you can negotiate with each other, because without the right relationship with the opposite sex, we get domestic violence and divorce.

Therefore, I believe that there are no such expressions as «the woman must cook», «the woman must wash, clean». These are just stereotypes from different eras.




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