Stop the violation of women’s rights…

Inna Naida.

We live in the world, which let us do that things that we decide to do. And we can’t even imagine that there are a huge number of cases of gender inequality which strike with their cruelty.

In the course of time, the women rights increased to the level of the men rights. However, the disempowerment and violence against women is still a global problem.

I referred to statistics in order to find out the astounding amount of cases of domestic violence against women. The fact is that 87,000 of women are killed by their husbands or members of their family every year. Just think about these numbers. Every day, nearly 250 cases of violence against women cause fatality!

We should protect women and girls. They are mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends and wives. They take care about us, so let’s love them back.

Surely, if woman simply like to cook and it’s her hobby, it’s OK. But when she is obliged to cook to her husband and clean the house just because he is “a king of the house”, it is not normally. And we should think about it.

And what about inequality at work? Why is there such discrimination in the recruitment of women-workers? There are a lot of stereotypes which are connected with ability of women to work. But, it is a twenty-first century, so let’s give freedom for women to choose a place of work. Let’s give freedom for women to choose everything they want…




#Чернігівська область








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